Benson Commercial Realty - Across Seven Counties

Investment Sales

Bringing a buyer and seller together in a real estate transaction is no accident. It requires a systematic and thorough assessment of the marketplace. In addition, the suitability of an investment requires an energetic and sophisticated presentation, which in turn can motivate and expedite a sale.

  • Databases of Potential Properties: We track investment sale properties Throughout the NY Metropolitan and Connecticut Marketplaces through our association with large portfolio owners and other centers of influence. Our extensive databases and Listing Services are continuously updated by transaction reports as well as by anticipating the future opportunities created by current and pending sales. We are able to assist companies seeking to purchase single tenant buildings, principals searching for developable sites, Institutional & Private Investors seeking rental income properties, and Corporations looking to create sale/leaseback situations.
  • Property Management Expertise: Our expertise in property management is borne of direct experience. We have a technical knowledge of construction that gives us an undeniable edge in presenting buildings to buyers in a knowledgeable manner. Our experience enables us to promote special building features in a competitive light. Rare in the real estate investment community is our ability to share the perspective and focus of the developer in his conception of a project, and use this insight to facilitate a transaction.
  • Methodical Assessment: We make full use of our nearly 25 years of contacts in the commercial real estate community to identify investment possibilities in the desired market sector or Region of focus. This review addresses critical issues of ownership, underlying financing, and various other economic issues and possibilities. We also explore future use conversions, as well as the implications of zoning and local development trends of a potential desired site. A potential buyer is presented with a clear and concise analysis of the development options and projected cost breakdown. This Report outlines the present income and expenses of a given property, its potential for additional development, the demographic breakdown of the surrounding area, and a detailed breakdown of the projected future returns.