Benson Commercial Realty - Across Seven Counties

Commercial/Industrial/Retail/Medical Leasing & Subleasing

Securing, subleasing, or disposing of space on behalf of a wide range of Company types, are a task, which we perform with consistent zeal and integrity. Our significant experience coupled with a first hand understanding of client needs and our Proprietary, National and Regional Databases and Listing services of space inventory, provides clients with a quick and thorough analysis of their relocation options.

  • Methodical Assessment of Client Needs: Beginning with our client profile assessment, we perform a thorough and systematic analysis of client needs from the broadest possible perspective. In addition to the projected square footage requirement, this analysis surveys potential economies of scale, special zoning requirements, transportation issues and type of presence which the relocating company wishes to convey. We also anticipate attrition rates and present a clear understanding of alternative labor sources. By careful synthesis of these and other requirements we add value to the clients search process long before a site inspections occur.
  • Comprehensive Database: Our database is a compilation of National, Regional and Local space availability, which is updated on a continuous basis. In addition, our firm tracks local and regional lease expirations as well as sublet space, to present hidden opportunities to our clientele, which may not be commonly known in the marketplace.
  • Creative and Aggressive Research: After reviewing our various Databases which include National and Regional Listing Services for space availability in either new or existing construction, we consider major market issues for the client. These include a comparative analysis of occupancy cost options, architectural and engineering analysis of space alternatives and projections of corporate neighborhood development. Our thorough and methodical process reaches beyond conventional information to unearth hidden opportunities created by pending vacancies and potential future developments. Due to our exceptional diligence on the client’s behalf, situations are created which would not otherwise have existed.
  • Exclusive Tenant Representation: By appointing BCR as your exclusive agent you are ensuring an expeditious search process. Whether you are relocating a 1,000 sq. ft. satellite facility or a 250 000 sq. ft. headquarters, we give the exclusively represented tenant an edge in the marketplace. Our exclusive representation allows us to make introductions and gather necessary data before site inspections occur. In addition, it places us with a responsibility to your firm to deliver the best deal attainable within the budgetary constraints given to us.
  • National & Regional Real Estate Requirements: We maintain the most current national and regional space availability through our contacts with “Alliance Partner” brokerage firms, developers, economic development councils, various chambers of commerce’s, and National Listing Services that we subscribe to. We can effectively coordinate multiple space requirements on a national and regional level either personally, or by referring the client firm to the specialist in each territory that an impending requirement may exist.
  • Additionally, in the event a client company requires the disposition of existing facilities, that are either owned or leased, we can be retained on a consultant basis to coordinate the assignment.
  • Medical Leasing: Perhaps more so than with any other profession, real estate location is critical to the healthcare industry. Benson Commercial Realty recognizes the importance of accessibility for patients and proximity to medical centers and to other healthcare provider affiliations. We also appreciate the significance in establishing the right setting and the right ambiance. That is why both large and small medical groups in Metropolitan New York and Connecticut have been choosing Benson Commercial Realty, Inc as their “primary provider” for commercial real estate for more than 22 years.
  • We fully understand a medical professionals’ specialized needs, lease terms, hours of operation, accessibility issues and budget constraints. Whether our client is a medical or dental specialist, a large specialty group practice, or a Hospital’s need for expansion, we have all your medical office needs covered. We always have and will find the right location and address for our healthcare clients, with convenient parking and easy accessibility to public transportation, and the best economic deal available. BCR has had great deal of experience in Medical construction issues and related costs. This knowledge from the onset of a search process proves to be invaluable to a potential represented Physician practice.