Benson Commercial Realty - Across Seven Counties

Relocation & Assessment Services

In recognition of the multitude of issues facing a company relocating or opening new facilities in the New York Metropolitan or Connecticut Environs, we provide comprehensive relocation support services These services assist in educating the clients so they can identify their needs and goals with a greater degree of surety.

  • Familiarity With Relocation Issues: Our hands on involvement with the arduous task of corporate relocation have enhanced our ability to quickly identify potentially critical issues. This methodical assessment of these issues enables us to foresee difficulties early in the relocation process and to provide clear-cut tactics for their circumvention.
  • Assessing and Analyzing Client Needs: We look at tenants needs from the broadest possible perspective. Beginning with the actual square footage requirement, we explore potential economies of scale, special work force requirements and area demographics, until a clear and comprehensive picture is obtained. A rigorous analysis at the onset of a project means that our clients receive an understandable and usable set of options which fall within their budgetary, and other desired parameters.
  • Thorough Location Research: In addition to our first hand knowledge of the New York Metropolitan, Suburban and Connecticut Marketplaces, we maintain active research files as well as subscribing to numerous Regional and National Listing Services specifically to assist relocating companies. These files and Databases include extensive demographic studies, maps, photographs and vast CD/DVD library. They can be presented to a client prior to inspecting potential sites to familiarize themselves with the marketplace of their interest.