Benson Commercial Realty - Across Seven Counties

Exclusive Property Representation

When Building Owners select BCR as their exclusive agent they insure the expeditious occupancy of their project or Space. Recognizing our fiduciary responsibility to owners, we only accept appointments for projects that do not compete with properties presently under exclusive representation. The selection of quality tenancies and the structuring of economically sound transactions is the basis on which we have built our reputation.

  • Creative and Experienced Deal Makers: We have an experienced understanding of the critical elements required for the effectuation of a deal in every area of Commercial and Industrial Real Estate. Our keen awareness and knowledge of alternative space availability enables our owners to analyze possible competing properties that may be under consideration, and structure a competitive transaction. In addition, the exclusively represented property can be presented to tenants effectively and favorably while owners are provided clear feedback as to the tenants objectives and constraints.
  • Property Management Expertise: We have an expertise in property management borne of direct experience. Our technical knowledge of construction gives us an undeniable edge in presenting buildings to tenants in a knowledgeable manner. Our experience enables us to promote the quality of the building management and present special building features in a competitive light. Rare in the brokerage community, we share the perspective and focus of a developer in his conception of a project, and we use this insight to enhance the negotiation process.
  • Metropolitan Broker Network: We enjoy excellent relationships for over 25 years with a vast network of Brokers, Reits, Developers, Architects, and an array of various centers of influence throughout the New York and Connecticut Marketplace. We maintain memberships with National and Regional Associations like BOMA, NACORE, NAIOP, and Realtor Associations, and subscribe to all National and Regional Listing Services to provide a represented owner with the maximum exposure for their property or space. BCR has maintained a well integrated Marketing group who for over 20 years have provided us with Class “A” Brochure and Display Ad development, E commerce marketing, as well as Public Relations functions.